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A Story Begins...


It began with the idea of people claiming ownership of their vehicles by stamping initials onto a leather or metal plate. This was the beginning of the license plate and what led to the DMV we know today…


Today we have databases and software to manage the abundance of vehicles in a growing America. But we’re still waiting for a chance to get an appointment, still waiting in line, and people do not enjoy the DMV experience. The present DMV user experience cannot be part of the bright future ahead of us… 

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In the near future, the DMV user experience will be intuitive, easy, straight-forward and convenient. Waiting in line and office visits will be a rarity and most DMV services will be accomplished from a user’s mobile device or computer from anywhere in the world. We will have a new, customer-minded DMV experience. This amazing transformation of the DMV was created by Refetch.

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Revolutionizing government services and the DMV experience for everyone.



Determination to make the DMV experience modern, intuitive and pleasant.



Commitment to make User Experience the foundation of all our work.

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Virtual Visits™ with your local DMV office

Imagine this – instead of going into a DMV office and waiting in line, you just have a video call with someone at the DMV right from your mobile device. That is what the vDMV™ (virtual DMV) does, it empowers users and DMV employees to conduct virtual visits to minimize office visits and maximize service. Simple and easy, just make an appointment, upload documents, video chat, pay and done.

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"What if people got excited about the DMV? That sounds crazy and ambitious, but that's how we feel about helping people by giving them a better DMV experience."

Mark Anthony Burgarelli

Founder of Refetch